A Few Things About Us

This website is dedicated to bringing to your attention the minutiae of life that remind us who we are as a species.

There is always something to keep in mind when it comes to higher power, that people of different cultures and sects have different opinions, and that higher power is perceived differently by each. Some cultures believe higher powers reside in the forms and figures they have incorporated into their culture, while others believe power comes from within them.

The majority of followers of mainstream religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and many others, believe the essence of existence begins outside of us. Objectivism, Buddhism, and other religions also understand that the source of supreme energy begins beyond this world.

Regardless of their religion, none stands right or wrong as they are all entitled to hold onto their beliefs. Yet, you need to examine yourself and reach out to your higher power.

You are all invited to experience spiritual awakening in today’s frantic world.

Clear Mind